Friend or Foe Business Is Business

Rowan Wolf of Uncommon Thought Journal and CJO’s Avenger

Our old friend Mikhail Gorbachev is accusing BushCo of creating chaos to extend an empire. The question is whose empire and to what end? The empire that BushCo and the neo-cons are pushing is an empire of corporate and economic hegemony – only protected and advanced by the military power of the United States.
The headlines today trumpet a $20 billion arms package to Saudi Arabia (and NY Times, 7/28/07). There are even more billions in deals for other Gulf States and Israel. The weapons packages include the so-called “smart bombs” and other high tech weaponry. It should come as no surprise that some see the U.S. as a provocateur to an arms race from which it (or at least the arms industry) benefits hugely. Of course, it also legitimates increasing spending and escalation of the U.S. “defense” budget as well.

Business as usual.

The arms deal runs side by side with the accusation that Saudi Arabia is economically contributing to the Sunni fighters in Iraq, and doing nothing to stop Saudi fighters from joining the Iraq fray. Nor is the corporate media so “rude” as to note that the majority of the 9/11/01 suicide group were from Saudi Arabia. The U.S. has a long term vested interest in supporting the House of Saud, and no interest runs deeper than that with the House of Bush.

While it has faded from the news, there was the incentive money that Britain paid to Prince Bandar Bin Sultan for the BAE arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Yes, Prince Bandar, also sometimes referred to as “Bandar Bush,” whose facilitation fee of $2 billion was traced back to the U.S. banks. Of course there are no hard feelings over such dealings – nor limitations on the financial activities of Bandar Bush.

Other Articles on the BAE Deal
US to probe BAE over corruption. BBC, 6/26/07.

The Bandar cover-up: who knew what, and when?. David Leigh & Rob Evans. Guardian, 6/09/07.

BAE accused of secretly paying £1bn to Saudi prince. David Leigh & Rob Evans. Guardian, 6/07/07.

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