The Next Round of Destroying America

By Rowan Wolf of Uncommon Thought Journal

The questionable firing of Federal Prosecutors by Gonzales (a.k.a. Bush administration) and replacing them with Bush loyalists has brought to light a much deeper manipulation – the placement of a select cadre within the DoJ in civil service positions. Charlie Savage of the Boston Globe uncovers part of the story in his April 8, 2007 article “Scandal puts spotlight on Christian law school.”

One hundred and fifty graduates of Regent University have been appointed to Department of Justice positions. This information is also proudly announced at the Regent University’s “About Us” page. One of the more illustrious graduates was none other than John Ashcroft himself. As noted by Mr. Savage, Regent U is hardly an illustrious and respected producer of future lawyers. It was started by none other than Pat Robertson, and the law curriculum apparently leans more heavily towards the Biblical than the Constitutional.

Conveniently, Ashcroft changed the procedure for filling lawyer positions at the DoJ. These are civil service positions – not Federal prosecutor positions which are appointed. Prior to the 2002 change, lawyers were interviewed by other lawyers who evaluated their legal acumen and expertise. Far too cumbersome for the Bush administration. Why waste all that time with quality candidates when loyalty to the administration and “the cause” were all that mattered. Then of course, there was that tricky little piece in the U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act (a.k.a. Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism), that allowed for the appointment of Federal Prosecutors without the little detour of being reviewed and approved by the Senate. (Gotcha – they snuck that one in the fine print).

So what is happening here? Is it simply a little more payback to “the base?” Or is there more at work? My conspiracy antennae are vibrating. After all, what about the “Christian” take over of the Air Force Academy?

Certainly one of the primary tasks of the Bush Cabal was to undermine the Constitution of the United States and demolish the “balance of powers” by instituting the “Unitary Executive” (a.k.a. dictator). The shift of military to ideological shock troops, and the hiring mercenaries to get away from the whole what troops are fighting for issue, is ominous to say the least. However, for all the “failures” of the administration, they have been very successful with the long term neo-conservative, imperialist plan. The “failures” are successes on their scorecard.

The plan (coup) they are carrying out has been decades in the planning – and positioning of personnel. Now they have pushed the public to the breaking point and it seems unlikely that they will be able to push the plan with the next election. They have and are continuing the long term plan that has brought them to this point. So, they carefully continue to place the troops for round four. Round four you ask? Yes, the Reagan administration was round one. Bush Sr. was round two – though not overtly successful it allowed for further positioning. The Gingrich contract on America was round 3. Then everything was carefully positioned for the Bush Jr. administration when all the early players reached maturity and power (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, etc.) The old boys with their “special skills, some once shunned, were brought back in glory – Negroponte for example. Younger protégés have been brought along (such as Feith and Gonzales) who are proving their loyalty and taking their lumps. Mark my words, they will be back in later years (if we last that long).

The plans for furthering and preparing for the take over of the United States continues: transform the Supreme Court; placement of judges and prosecutors; the removal of the right of habeas corpus. Now we learn they are setting up sleeper cells of a neo-Christus “patriots” to carry forward the grand transformation of the next (and final?) round for the take over of corporatist mullahs, under the guise of a “Christian” nation.

Having been raised in a Christian tradition that covered an array of denominations, I am continually horrified by what this section of US Christianity sees as “Christian.” Lying is fine. Cruelty and killing is fine. Silencing and exploitation is fine. It is a sect of “the ends justify the means.” There seems to be a doctrine that anything goes because “the cause” is good. That end is (one assumes) to replace the Constitution with their interpretation of the Bible and have the US operate under Biblical law – much as the shift in Iraq id to Sharia law. This is not the Christianity of my youth.

I have been left scratching my head more than once that anyone would see Bush as a paragon of Christianity – or Tom Delay for that matter. These are not “good men” who are simply misguided. I have wondered if Bush really believes what he presents to his neo-Christus base. Was he selected as the quasi-puppet of the neo-conservatives because of this appeal to the radical Christian Right? We will likely never know for sure.

I wonder as well whether at some date we will see the “beast: that has been so carefully crafted tear out the throat of the crafters. What happens if the neo-Christus congregations see a different light – finding fault with the merging of Christianity with fascism and imperialism? What happens if they feel “used?”

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  1. It’s called “lying for Jesus.” Creationists and other anti-science, anti-progress types have been doing it for over a century. Of course, they aren’t really lying for Jesus, but actually lying to further their own agenda of power grabbing.

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