Undocumented workers and the war effort

By Rowan Wolf of Uncommon Thought Journal

Remember the March 2007 raid of Michael Bianco Inc. in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Over 300 Immigration and Customs agents raided the factory and detained 361 undocumented workers. (According to Ali Noorani in a March 9, 2007 article in Boston.com – “US Immigration System at its Worst” – there were 500 homeland security personnel involved in the raid.) The workers were detained and separated from their families – some from young children and infants.

While the scale of the raid itself is stunning, even more stunning is that Michael Bianco Inc. has over $100 million in contracts with the U.S. military. The undocumented workers (some under 16 years of age) were working on military contracts making everything from specialized equipment backpack to body armor for U.S. forces. The workers reported their working conditions as “horrible.” However, it was not underage workers, or poor working conditions that brought out enforcement.

One might ask why a major military contractor is recruiting and employing undocumented workers.

One might ask why it took as many agents to round up these workers as there were workers.

One might ask what is supposed to happen to children left behind.

One might ask why this story isn’t headline news, and what kind of punishment Michael Bianco Inc. has received.

One might ask who is now making the body armor for the troops.

One might ask what is going on with other contractors.

One might ask why the corporate news isn’t all over this story.

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