No, we didn’t run off with your donations =-)

As luck would have it, right smack in the middle of our Q1 fundraiser, our server fried out. We were also rapidly outgrowing it, so we’re upgrading. The website will be back online in either a few hours or a few days, depending on my level of competance and the skill level of our tech staff. Sorry ’bout that.

If you were clever enough to find your way here, post any questions or comments in the comments section of this posts and I’ll check in periodically.

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  1. Even the whois is different. Last year it had your P.O box and stuff, now it’s some “privacy protection” address. I thought the right wingers had jacked your domain.

    Come back soon!

  2. Hey spud! We’re on our way back to normal. The forum is back and the site wil resume timely updates in the morning.

  3. The POAC and the White Rose Forum are now both operating better than they ever have.

    Ya done good Boss!

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