Bush Breakdown Dead Ahead?

By W. David Jenkins III

“Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – From George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” 1946
“Danger, there’s a breakdown dead ahead – Maybe you’re in way above your head” – From Boz Scaggs’ “Breakdown Dead Ahead” 1980

Although the thought has crossed my mind many times in the past, I have to admit that my concern for the psychological stability (or lack thereof) of George Dubya has increased tenfold since his joint appearance with Tony Blair a few weeks ago. In the wake of the release of the ISG Report the day before, Bush’s statements and mannerisms during that press conference revealed a level of disconnect and desperation that I had to wonder if the men with the big nets and white coats might be lurking in the White House somewhere.

Bush’s statements were not anything that we hadn’t heard in the past, but when taken in the context of the present situation he and his administration find themselves in, those statements took on a darker connotation. We were watching a man whose main concern was that his world was falling apart while failing to comprehend that the real world was also crumbling due to his ineptitude. But after a few minutes into the question and answer session, a troubling thought occurred to me; what if Bush’s infamous bubble is really beginning to break?

Although there have been numerous comparisons over the last few years of Bush vs. Hitler, one cannot avoid the similarities between the two in their final days. Depleted armies, lost wars, generals in revolt and a desperate cling to an unrealistic hope of resuscitating misguided ideologies are just a few of the parallels shared by these two figures. Sadly, neither leader was able to recognize the irony of their respective falls being a result of those ideologies to which they so strictly embraced.

To be fair, there are no invading armies outside Bush’s White House bunker (although the 110th Congress may be seen as such) and DeeCeeVille is not ablaze and in complete chaos. However, Baghdad is George Dubya’s Berlin and even though he could see the death and destruction and hopelessness his actions have caused – if he chose to – he still continues to hunker down and wait for some kind of miracle that will save that which cannot be saved. Bush is still in his bunker mentality as the weapons he and his administration used against the world and the American people begin to lose their effectiveness. Here are just a few examples of those depleting armaments.

Nothing but Pure Wind

One of the weapons which Bush employed successfully for years was the manipulation of language and imagery. Along with the debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush’s legacy will be the prominent use of the “Politics of Fear” and the murder of the English language – the solidity of pure wind as Orwell stated. The amazing aspect of Bush’s success in this endeavor is the reality that here was a leader who couldn’t speak his way out of a paper bag, yet this administration had so deplorably pimped a national tragedy to such a degree that much of the electorate didn’t notice.

There was nothing conflicting about being told we weren’t safe but go shopping anyway. People didn’t get angry when Bush stated that he didn’t have to “explain himself” because he was the president. Many bought into the “fighting them (terrorists) over there” mantra and thought “bring ‘em on” was a manly thing to say. “Islamofascism” somehow became a word in a vain attempt to put a face on some elusive enemy.

Bush and his flock were able to brand anyone who dared oppose them as weak or traitors or “morally confused.” Our one time European allies were chastised for being little more than “Old Europe” in retaliation for their vocal pessimism against an invasion built upon lies. And many people bought into the whole thing out of nothing more than their own exploited fears of the unseen terrorists and not being “good Americans.” Every time Americans quivered and quaked in fear, the Bush administration would chalk up another victory and wave the flag with even more enthusiasm in the faces of the easily deceived.

One senior Bush administration official was quoted years ago boasting that “we (the administration) are an empire now” and that “we create reality.” Fortunately for the country and the world, that modus operandi has almost come to an end. The majority no longer believes in their version of “reality” and the Bush administration’s words have lost whatever power they may have had. Now, they all sound just plain foolish.

Take, for instance Homeland Security advisor, Fran Townsend’s comments regarding the failure to apprehend Osama bin Laden after over five years. CNN’s White House correspondent, Ed Henry, stated that bin Laden’s continued freedom was a “failure” in the war on terror. Townsend responded, “Well, I’m not sure — it’s a success that hasn’t occurred yet. I don’t know that I view that as a failure.” Okaaay then.

One other reason given by the Bush administration for not having captured bin Laden is that he is most likely in Pakistan and we cannot simply “invade a sovereign nation.” Excuse me?

Those same eyebrows rise up when Bush says that he “understands the sacrifice” and how hard it is for those families who have lost friends or relatives in his war. Really? I would bet there’s a senator-elect from Virginia who would like to be the first to challenge Bush’s “understanding” of sacrifice.

The truth is, nobody believes Bush anymore on at least one level if not many more. He and his people might as well spend the next two years with their mouths shut rather than exposing people to anymore of their pure wind. It doesn’t work anymore and they need not look any further than last November as proof.

A House Built Upon the Sand

Like the thwarting of a disobedient child, Bush has lost his “step-stool” which allowed him to grab for those things he should have never had. The alleged dissolving of The Project for a New American Century group (PNAC) signals the desertion of those disciples of Leo Strauss who had misplaced their faith and efforts with the incompetent Bush Bunch in a failed attempt to achieve geo-political world dominance.

However, I don’t believe they’ve disappeared forever; rather they have most likely scurried for cover like little cockroaches when the lights go on. Some members are still in positions of power (Abrams, Cheney and Wolfowitz), some aren’t (“Scooter” Libby, Rumsfeld and Bolton) while others have moved on to criticize the bungling in Iraq (Perle, Armitage and Fukuyama). But we do have PNAC chairman, Bill Kristol, assuring us that this “harmless little think tank” no longer gets together for coffee and donuts.

Well, whether the PNAC has disbanded or not, they have had an enormous influence on foreign policy during Bush’s misadventures and bear much of the responsibility for where this country finds itself on today’s world stage. And there are members who are clearly irritated that this administration has thrown a major monkey wrench into the gears of their Grand Plan.

I’ve always held that the Iraq invasion was little more than a hostile corporate takeover which used soldiers instead of lawyers. And much like the members of The Iraq Study Group, the members of the PNAC are coming across like angry stockholders who are ready to toss the CEO out of the conference room window for his mismanagement. The look on Bush’s face and his behavior during that press conference held the day after the ISG report came out made clear that this is a level of anger he understands.

See, many of the members of both the ISG and PNAC are also tied to military, energy development and financial investment corporations who are more than just a little concerned with just how bad things are going with Bush’s War. Billions of investment dollars and hoped for future profits are in danger of being lost in Iraq and the James Bakers of the business world do not take kindly to anyone who gets in the way of their plans.

But there’s a “Catch-22” in all of this competing for influence by members of these groups regarding what to do in Iraq. Bush is caught between those who want to do business in anyway possible – including negotiations with Iran and Syria – and those who think we should simply bomb those countries for interfering with our ill-planned Iraq policies. Of course, there are the anti-Israel positions (Baker of ISG) and the pro-Israel positions (Kristol, Wolfowitz of PNAC) to complicate things that much more.

But most perplexing for Bush are the factions in each of these influential groups who are willing to look the other way when it comes to genocide, human rights abuses or who our “enemies” are supposed to be in this farcical war on terror when it comes to “doing business.” Anyone who still thinks that America’s actions in the Middle East have anything to do with “spreading democracy” is seriously deluded.

Bush has not only made enemies within his own party, but in the international business community, consisting of some very powerful and very angry players – and his demeanor lately shows that he knows this.

Sympathy for the Devil

John Edwards and George W. had something in common this last week in that death took away from their big news announcements. Edwards’ announcement to run for president was overshadowed by the deaths of James Brown and former President, Gerald Ford.

George W. was denied any public celebration of his lynching of Hussein based upon the reality that most Americans felt that the deaths of over 3000 Americans was too high a price to pay for his little personal vendetta. Reports stated that Bush “slept through” the hanging, but with all that Bush has squandered in order to “get Saddam,” I seriously doubt those reports are true. Bush’s snubbing of President Ford’s memorial ceremonies in order to remain in his Crawford “hidey-hole” tell me that a good old fashioned lynching took precedent. Oh heck, go ahead and call me cynical.

With everything else that must be challenging his limited emotional balance; the fact that he, the sheriff of the U.S., should be denied any laud and honor after finally getting his Black Bart must be a crushing blow. For the most part, the news and the Sunday talk shows treated the story much differently than they might’ve a year or two ago. Bush might have expected a Fourth of July reaction yet all he ended up with was a lonely room, standing with a cheap sparkler. The mental image of Bush holed up in Texas, after being elected in an AP/AOL poll by a wide margin as “Villain of the Year,” watching his Hussein videos and not answering the door or the phone for fear it might be another one of Poppy’s business partners, eclipses any images of Nixon talking to the portraits in the White House.

Soon, the holiday break will be over and he will be expected to speak to Iraq and what to do and nobody will believe him. He’ll speak of “victory” again and people will wonder what the hell he’s talking about. Iraq and Afghanistan will continue to freefall into further chaos. More and more brave Americans will come home maimed or in boxes. An army of lawyers, already assembled, will circle the White House and all those within. Congressional hearings will start and Bush will again plead that he doesn’t have to explain himself because “he’s the president.” He will continue to be pulled into contortions like a marionette with multiple puppeteers and, to add to his discontent, Bush will be forced to put on a smiley face in his State of the Union address in about a month.

There are those who would take great pleasure in witnessing a Bush Breakdown. He is the most unsympathetic character to ever hold the office he now occupies and many wish to observe him actually recognizing some sense of reality, of the blood that stains his legacy because of his personal need for vengeance and the destruction resulting of his ignorance of the world around him. The breaking of Bush’s bubble, however satisfying, could be a double-edged sword.

Unlike Hitler in his last days, who had no armies or recourse, Bush has more than a few options should he suffer any form of breakdown – should he become aware that he has no escape from those whom he has infuriated – and none of them are in anyone’s best interest, including his. But something makes me think that consequences mean little to Bush. Maybe it’s the last six years.

Rather than a statesman who is capable of accepting responsibility, Bush reminds me of the petulant child who finds he’s losing a game of Monopoly. I have an image of that child sweeping the board in a single stroke and stomping off home, huffing and puffing – leaving the rest of us to clean up the mess.
Sur le Guard, America.

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  1. It has been clear for sometime that Bush is mentally impaired, whether by alcohol, medications or severe depression. In the past, one could reasonably claim that he was unqualified to serve as President. Now it is just as reasonable to claim that he is mentally unfit. A complete breakdown is not out of the question. Should it occur, we would then be faced with President Cheney, who many believe has been the de facto president all along.

    I say that both should be impeached and removed from office as soon as is practicable. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would then fill out the term as president. I believe that she could allay fears of self-serving motives by declaring that she will not run for re-election as president.

  2. Unfortunately, the whole group surrounding Bush is similarly insane – or too cowardly to tell him the truth. All of them should be in prison for the rest of their unnatural, evil lives.

    –let the Hague have first dibs on this process with the bush/cheney CRIME family. The World expects nothing less than a Nuremberg-style trial. Hopefully, the bush/cheney CRIME family won’t run to Paraguay first…They just bought 100,000 acres there–adjoining property owned by the Moonies. Let bush/cheney’s prosecution be the rebirth of the greatness and goodness that America strives to realize.

  4. Paraguay? Isn’t that where Mengele and his buddies went after WW 2? Figures —

  5. Concerning his breakdown, we need not forget that the ghost of Saddam Hussein may yet haunt him in even more eerie ways. After all, SH may want his pistol back.
    As far as all of the references to being in a “bubble,” it may be more fitting to see him in a vacuum with the envelope being a sort of shrink-wrap that is merely taking a long time to conform to his body as the air is slowly being withdrawn. But. Therein lies the easiness with which he is able to “push the envelope,” albeit in a new sense of doing so. Sort of like AH fighting the Russkies in that the closer they got to Berline, the easier it was for AH to meet his foes.

  6. I don’t think Bush or Cheney can go anywhere in the world without being hunted down like dogs-laugh if you will-but look at what happened to Mussolini. That was not that long ago!!!!! I, for one, would feel no sadness if anything happened to Bush or any of his cronies.

  7. I think Cheney (the man who misled four presidents) is equally bonkers but with a slightly different inflection.
    While Bush is in denial because he cannot face his personal shortcomings and the complete failure his life has become, Cheney is a cold blooded b—— whose psyche is so disordered that he thinks nothing of murdering and maiming hundreds of thousands of people, ours and theirs, for a fistfull of dollars that he won’t live long enough to enjoy.
    Undoubtedly, they re-inforce each other’s craziness. They should be separated immediately.

  8. History will judge this administration harshly. Let’s just hope we can weather the remaining two years without things getting any worse.

  9. Please, people, let’s not go around giving him any ideas. You don’t want him to get away with an insanity defense at his war crimes trial, now do you?!?!

  10. I must ask the obvious question after pounding head against the wall for five long years now. When will anyone begin to take my concerns and allegations seriously?

    Google my name and you will find that I am not a shy man. you will see my contact number and my email address plastered all over the internet.

    If I type a lot of info nobody reads it or claims information overload. So I will simply say this.

    I have had enough evidence filed in various dockets of courts around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that should have warranted an unvestigation into the possible impeachment of George W. Bush since Dec 12th, 2002. The next day Cardinal Law quit his job and ran away from Beantown.

    That was over four years ago and months before that nonsense in Iraq began. Trust that is only the tip of the iceberg and that was four years ago. Lots has happened since. Much of it you don’t know.

    Please feel free to email me or call me and ask me anything you wish in order to stress test my integrity before I drop off the radar screen.

    Cell 506 434 1379.

    Veritas Vincit
    David Raymond Amos

    P.S. If you doubt me, so be it. If you call me crazy, I understand. But if I were to yell fire and run out of the house after we all had smelled smoke and you did not bother to investigate, who is as dumb as post, Me or You? Why not take a chance for your own benefit and try the following link? Listen to portions of Yankee police surveilance wiretap tapes and ask your Congressman what the hell a Canadian is doing with such things and why have they not been investigated. Pretty simple thing to do if you truly care. EH?


  11. Bush and Blair are prime examples of the will to power overcoming their perception of reality. They actually believe that they are the ones who know, and who receive divine guidance..It goes’because I receive divine guidance, I must be right, and because I am right, God/Christ gives me divine guidance to do what is right…’ In medical terms it is known as psychosis, and it is far from unusual in those who surround themselves with sychophants. The deaths of others do not matter, because others can be sacrificed to their cause. These two psychotics have created a really unsafe world in which to raise our families. And the pity is that they are reinforced in thei behaviour b the fact that we allow them to stay in power. Any politician who supported them should be banned from office.

  12. Bush is running out of room, and the Congress is going to have to act.

  13. sorry for the bad link to Christian games. Here is the link I intended.

  14. If we take their declared intentions as true, Bush and Blair are culpably incompetent and Blair is in addition a traitor, having sold his country’s honour to a foreign power.

    If they have a coherent reason for their actions, perhaps this is the time for them to share it. Otherwise it is hard to avoid the conclusions that they are criminally incompetent and probably ready for the funny farm.

  15. I was watching Olbermann a few weeks ago and Dubya was descending alone from the front of AF One. At one point he missed a step, but caught himself. Of course, this could happen to anyone. However, I found his reaction strange. He puffed up his cheeks and blew up air and then continued gingerly down the steps. I may have made too much out of it, but Dubya’s reaction seemed odd to me.

  16. Well, uncontrollable crack/tequila binges might provide the explanation for his foreign policy that we’ve all been seeking.

  17. Bush is not right in the head. We all know it. He’s inconsistently incoherent. He makes illogical statements and responds with aggression when questioned. I doubt if he could make it through a job interview for a management job at Taco Bell.

    The people around him know this and lie for him.

    We need someone to invoke the Constitution and have him removed, but who will do it?

    And yeah, I know that the thought of Cheney as prez is even scarier, he needs to be indicted first.

  18. An excellent post, thank you.

    I would caution against placing too much value on Bush as the ‘decider’ outside a certain rhetorical sphere. It has been clear to me for some time that, in addition to being the looniest president on record, this man is also the least effectual and least powerful president on record in terms of personal weight within his own administration. Both Perle and Armitage, for instance, have expressed criticism of the state of affairs in Iraq—as you duly noted—and yet they are themselves very much architects of the general ‘world order’ and of the specific operations in the Middle East which it has engendered. Their criticism is hardly meaningful to my ears…it consists mostly of play-by-play arguments exclusive of debate of the situation as a broader whole; the discourse between the Democratic and Republican parties is generally contained within a narrow context that addresses few, if any, of the underlying issues such as the ideological validity of the neoliberal ethic itself, which deserves very serious rumination now that we see it taken to the ugly extremes of its own logical conclusions in foreign policy and the economics of globalization.

    Very good post, I shall be back frequently. Thanks for the chance to comment.

  19. death&shit are everywhere-i’ll call you back…

  20. death&sh!t are everywhere;i’ll call you back.

  21. excuse double postings…my succinct just went out the window..great article,good comments…we have all,it seems, watched this monstrosity,this massive,bloody tragedy unfold with incredulous disbelief…i have never been a fan of American foreign poilicy-too much greed&guns-but geo bush &co. do indeed deserve to be internationaly and very publicly hung out to dry..The world and our integrity deserve no less.Maybe,we could trade them for a cease-fire??

  22. IMO, Bush, Cheney, and the rest of those pricks have commited multiple offenses of TREASON.
    They have blown US cash and credibility on this debacle (which many of us believe was about protecting US oil supplies and the US dollars’ position as the only currency used for marketing it) and have significantly weakened your nation.
    These are offenses as serious as they hung Saddam for, AND THEY KNOW IT!
    They will fight tooth and nail to prevent a similar fate, at any cost to the country and it’s wealth or to the world. I’ve read of the Christian belief of the end times and the antiChrist, etc.
    If the Bush cabal hasn’t been demonstating textbook ‘antiChristian’ behaviour, I sure as f@ck don’t know what would qualify!
    MAYBE the ‘second coming’ of Christ could be as simple as humanity accepting a semblance of His (and Buddah’s, Mohamads’ ) teachings,and start treating each other with that kind of humanism. The concept of the ‘second coming’ being a universal reacceptance of discarded values, not long dead DNA walking the earth again. Works for me.

  23. If both Pres. Bush and VP Cheney could be removed from office for crimes of treason, could the Democratic Congress appoint/draft Al Gore for the office?

  24. What’s even more frightening than Bush and Cheney being candidates for the Macadamia Ranch, is that we knew this after the Debates in 2004 and, then, they were re-elected (or so the story goes.)

    Bush and Cheney will, one day, be gone, one way or another, but what about the 33.3% who will gladly follow them over a cliff on any given day. What about them?

  25. Good entry. I passed it on to several others.

    I do believe that the present administration does not live in reality. I’m not certain if it’s because their people don’t want them to, or if they can’t handle it. Bush is not a young man – he’s definitely getting up there for a President. His health is probably on the decline. The stress cannot be doing him any good.

    He may have been a good governor, but he’s an awful statesman. And since being President is all about being a statesman, he is a terrible and incompetent President. His loyalties are skewed, his ideas are planted and his demeanor towards people of his own stature is horrendous. There’s no respect for anyone in him.

    It’s sad, really.

  26. Great entry. And yes, Bush is sleeping through all that is happening. His narrow mindedness and ignorance towards all that oppose him is one of his most regretable vices. The present course of Iraq is one that is neither good for the American people nor the Iraqis. A new take on the situation is required, and a new strategy should be implemented to handle this urgent situation. Although the Iraqi Invasion has been going on for more than 3 years, there has been no major policy shifts that show Bush’s inclination to reconcile his mistake or even to admit them.

  27. What impressed me was the richness of the dialog here. Isn’t it a bit unusual for there to be such a degree of consensus? No howls of anger against the Blog. Is that an example of the ‘dog that didn’t bark in the night.

    I’ve been pursuing the ‘leaders we deserve’ theme for a while. So far I’ve kept away from the obvious topic Bush/Blair (Hamlet without the Prince, perhaps.)

    Worth mentioning Barbara Kellerman’s work at Harvard on the psychoses of leadership.

  28. This article mostly falls in line with my own thinking the moment I first saw Mr. Bush speak in the ’00 campaign. The mannerisms, the diction, the weak substance and charisma — I immediately sensed trouble. A slight majority of fellow citizens clearly felt similarly. Yet, clearly, enough did not. Now look at this foreign and domestic hydra-headed mess — not yet a complete catastrophe, but moving closer by the week.

    Nonetheless, I take exception to your attempts to draw parallels to Bush and Hitler. Mr. Bush is a fraud, a dissembler, a manipulator, clearly not of a piece with the evangelical devotions ascribed to him. (Has anyone ever publicly discussed the Bible with him? Can we ‘out’ his knowledge of religion by which so many decisions have purportedly been made?) But these, it can be argued, are within the realm of character flaws — he was as much the puppet as the puppeteer, less than capable of fully parsing the motives of those using him as the front man for their schemes. And he was SURELY that. The drug care boondoggle, the attempted mega-trillion social security heist, Iraq, tax cuts, etc. et al seemed too complex for someone who has difficulty merely speaking proper and passionate English, who does not or cannot write his own speeches and who fails utterly to deliver them in stirring fashion. Yet, this does not make him evil. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were sociopaths and malignant narcissists. While I will never feel pity for W, he just does not appear to be a nominee for the role of the antichrist, not in that league. He is a petulant child, full of himself, having been given the keys to a great kingdom for which he was, is singularly unqualified. Nonetheless, ’09 and a new, probably Democratic president cannot come quickly enough. The shame is not only Bush & Co., it’s on the foolish ingrate voters who fell repeatedly for the bait-and-switch. If just one million more people had skeptically refused to swallow that rightist campaign bilge we would likely not be in this budget and foreign policy mess today. So don’t blame just this regime. The fault, dear Bushus, is not in the stars but in ourselves.

  29. Speaking of rich dialogue…I believe that the chimp some call “president” is a chronic masturbator who has used his position of power solely to produce harder and harder forms of violent pornography to sate his increasingly violent fantasies. Many years ago, I suspect Bush’s tiny johnson could be awakened by observing a routine sheep slaughter…but those images soon lost their lustre. The Abu Ghraib photos and videos marked a turning point in the Bush boy’s sexual awakening, and many cases of hand lotion and kleenex have been consumed by “43” since his Uncle Dick crafted “The Torture Collection”, a 12 DVD set. Alas, even this huge wanking collection is no longer fresh…the blood-curdling screams of young Iraqis being brutally raped in front of their sobbing “suspect” parents no longer bring Bush’s “Little Elvis” to full attention. Now, with the release of Saddam’s horrific hanging, in a crystal clear, Presidential “eyes only” version…Bush is expected to get back on his full “nap schedule” in no time.

  30. I’d give him a 2-digit chance of attempting to end his own life before the next election.

  31. Very insightful commentary here.

    For those of you bemoaning Bush’s reelection, lets look at what he was running against — two democratic crackpots — one who speaks to the dead for crying out loud! And he’s signed up to run again!

    It’s no wonder the AP took what appeared to be the lesser of two evils. Hindsight is always 20/20 (or better). Now we’re stuck with a situation that we HAVE to fix in order to maintain “face” in the world’s eyes. Our superpower cape has slipped and tragically so.


  32. Your Monopoly game scenerio reminds me of one of the many “working hypotheses” I have developed in an effort understand President Bush’s behavior: he never outgrew the “terrible twos”.
    SEE: http://www.chron.com/content/chronicle/features/kids/twos.html

    Frequently termed “the terrible twos,” this age is punctuated by temper tantrums and aggression, and marked by repetition — the same story every night, the same path up and down the stairs, the same food, the same thing to wear every day.

  33. Another of my many hypotheses is that President Bush is not “the great satan” but he is ‘THE GREAT SADIST’. SEE:
    “GEORGE BUSH IS A MALIGNANT NARCISSIST – Their sadism is a way of transforming their feelings of powerlessness and impotence into an experience of omnipotence. A malignant narcissist is the …”

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