Meet the new Sec Def: Robert Gates

Robert Gates: Iran-Contra meets Iraq-Halliburton

Robert Gates, possibly the next Sectretary of Defense, has a history of manipulating intelligence.

Rumsfeld replacement was director of voting company

New Sec-Def Gates believes that computer viruses are worse than nukes and should be counted as WMDs

1980: Robert Gates Prevented Iran Hostage Release

Rumsfeld’s Replacement: The Robert Gates File

Intelligence sources question Gates’ independence from Cheney, Rumsfeld

Independent Institute’s Ivan Eland looks back at the Iran-Contra scandal and what it means for George W. Bush to appoint Robert Gates, an Iran-Contra veteran, to be the next Secretary of Defense

Gates & the Iran Arms Sales

Defense Secy. Nominee Recommended Nicaragua Airstrikes While At CIA 

Former CIA Director Robert Gates, President Bush’s nominee for defense Secretary, criticized the handling of the war in Iraq and said he will improve Pentagon postwar planning if he is confirmed.

Bob Gates & Locking You Up Forever

Gates met Thursday with three Democratic senators who will be asked to vote on his confirmation next week. Gates did not run into any immediate opposition, even from senators who in 1991 voted against his confirmation to head the CIA when Bush’s father was president.

If you thought Rummy’s connection to Bechtel was shady, check out SecDef nominee Gates.

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