A brief history of the PNAC: a refresher

Tj Templeton, founder Project for the old American Century

Once upon a time in an office rented to them by the American Heritage Foundation, a group of powerful men directly connected to the halls of the capital and the defense and energy industry formed a fringe rightwing organization based loosely on the teachings of Leo Strauss. They called themselves the Project for the New American Century. The Project is an initiative of the New Citizenship Project (both chaired by William Kristol) and as such is largely funded through it. Direct funding for PNAC comes from, but isn’t limited to, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation ($700,000), the Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation ($50,000), and the John M. Olin Foundation ($70,000).

Unsurprisingly these three exceedingly conservative foundations have strong ties to weapons manufacturing and several members of the Project are former CEOs and board members of defense contractors and energy companies. (Halliburton, Trireme, Bechtel, etc.)

These guys drew up a plan for using our role as last remaining super power to expand their respective global markets through force. Specifically, their published documents call for the violent overthrow of regimes around the world that weren’t friendly to their business interests. The plan, as it was drawn out, called for the toppling of Saddam Hussein and seizing control of the Iraqi oil fields. Also, the regime of Afghanistan had to be deposed in order to construct a pipeline to secure access to the natural gas reserves of Central Asia. Once the energy resources were secured, the next step in the plan was to create an archepelago of military bases throught the Middle East and Central Asia as a staging point for further operations including the toppling of Iran and Syria.

On page 52 of a document published by them called Rebuilding America’s Defenses (.pdf), they stated that there was such resistance to transforming America’s military machine for the job of acting as the world policman that there would have to be  “a catalyzing catastrophic event, similar to a new Pearl Harbor”.
Of course, they also had to be returned to the halls of power in the U.S. government first…

Enter George W. Bush. Upon his selection to the Presidency, George promptly appointed the heirarchy of this organization to the top levels of the whitehouse, the pentagon, and the state department. Once these men were placed into their respective positions, two very interesting things happened.

First, the cabinet level position created by fmr President Bill Clinton of “terrorism Czar” was disbanded and it’s members were reassigned to different duties. This position had previously been meeting at least weekly, specifically on the threat and whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network. The incoming National Security Advisor refused to meet with The fmr “terrorism Czar”, Richard Clarke, causing him to send several urgent messages to Nat’l Security Advisor Rice demanding “an immediate meeting regarding the threat of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden”. These requests for meetings went unanswered. Dick Cheney himself has been quoted as saying “Richard Clarke was kept “out of the loop”. Shortly after 9-11, Rice penned an editorial in the Washington post where she calimed the outgoing Clinton administration made no effort to express the threat posed by Al Qaeda. This claim has since been disproved by the public release of several memos penned by Clarke calling for an immediate meeting on that very subject.

Second, the Bush administration invited the Taliban to the United States to discuss a Unocal natural gas pipeline deal that had been stalled. The Taliban wasn’t invited to Washington, but rather to Sugarland Texas, home of Tom Delay’s district and Unocal headquarters. No deal was reached and the Taliban went home.

The new Pearl Harbor.

With the security apparatus that had been monitoring Al Qaeda effectively disbanded, the network was able to orchestrate and carry out the worst terrorist attack in American history. Testifying under oath before the 9-11 commission (which the whitehouse tried to prevent) the Nat’l Security advisor, Condi Rice (Who the Whitehouse also tried to prevent from testifying and then later tried to prevent he from having to testify under oath) testified under oath that the Bush administration had no idea that domestic flights could be highjacked and flown into domestic tagets in a coordinated terrorist attack. Not only did the the famous August 6th PDB seem to refute this in general terms, but also it has come to light that the FAA and the FTA had sent 52 memos to the White House specifically mentioning the impending threat of domestic flights being highjacked and flown into domestic tagets in a coordinated terrorist attack.

Shortly after 9-11, the Taliban regime is toppled, and Hamid Karzai is placed as the President. Karzai is a former Unocal Advisor and CIA asset. Zalmay Khalizad, another Unocal advisor, is placed as the United States envoy to Afghanistan. Shortly after, the natural gas pipeline is finished and Osama Bin Laden is allowed to escape.


For the next two years, President Bush fails to mention the name Osama Bin Laden in public and instead embarks upon a national media campaign to connect the regime of Saddam Hussein with the threat of terrorism and the terrorist attacks of 9-11. It’s effective enough to persuade a compliant Congress to allow the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Mission Accomplished

The regime of Saddam Hussein is deposed and a puppet regime is installed. Paul Bremer, working as head of the Coalition Provision Authority (CPA) issuse a series of orders regarding the rewriting of the Iraqi Constitution in violation of the Geneva Conventions. Orders 39 (.pdf) and 81 give a good deal of insight unto the capitalist utopia that was installed for the benfit of the corporations that fund and support the leadership of the occupying countries. Some examples: Iraqi farmers are no longer allowed to save their own seeds from one harvest to the next. Doing so is now a jailable offense. Some of theses strains of seeds have been cultivated by the Iraqis for thousands of years. Now they must be purchased from Monsanto with every planting season.

Another example is the monopolization of entire sectors of industry by the occupying countries. Telecommunications, insurance, banking, all have wriiten into the Iraqi constitution the 100% foreign ownership by foreign entities and must allow for the 100% expatriation of profits. Call it the Walmartization of Mesopatamia. Similar to the way Wal~Mart comes to town and bankrupts main street and ships all of it’s profits back to Bentonville, AR. American and British companies are now doing the same.

Furthermore, labor unions were outlawed and reconstruction jobs that would normally help to rebuild the economy and employ Iraqis are handed without bidding to well connected American and British corporations. Thus after a year of relative calm, the insurgency erupts and the United States and it’s allies are caught in a quagmire that serves as a catalyst for terrorist recruitment world-wide, a rise in support of violent extremeism and puts us at risk of more terrorist attacks.

U.S. at risk of more terrorist attacks.

Thus justifying the toppling of more regimes and setting the scene for perpetual war.

Who are these men?

Dick Cheney Vice President
Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense
I. Lewis Libby Vice President Cheney’s former Chief of Staff and Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs.
Aaron Friedberg Vice President Cheney’s deputy National Security advisor
Robert Zoelick US Deputy Secretary of State
Paula Dobriansky Undersecretary of State
Elliott Abrams Deputy National Security Adviser
Frank Gaffney Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board
Fred C. Ikle Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board
Eliot A. Cohen Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board
Henry S. Rowen Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board
William J. Bennett Presidential speech writer
Jeb Bush Governor of Florida
Paul Wolfowitz World Bank President
John Bolton Frmr Ambassador to the U.N.
Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad Former Envoy to Afghanistan, Current Ambassador to Iraq

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  1. Nailed it. Excellent summary!

  2. sickening, this is like their testing sandbox for their plan for america too
    rape/privatise it, and kill or enslave the population
    the constitution of the united states of america is considered a terrorist document and isnt even allowed in many court cases in the US now

  3. Just an excellent review of the facts.

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    A brief history of the PNAC: a refresher | Project for the Old American Century

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