The “Homosexual Agenda”


In The New York Times “News of the Week in Review” of Oct. 15, 2006, Frank Rich had a column entitled “The Gay Old Party Comes Out.” He revealed/discussed the issue of the large number of gay folks in leadership positions in the Republican Party, some of them very highly placed. They are to be found in the legislative and administrative branches, and on the White House staff as well. And so now, finally, we know the true nature of that “Homosexual Agenda” that Dobson-Robertson-Falwell (Do-Ro-Fa) are all the time telling us the gay community wants to ram down the throats of straight
America. Indeed it is a fascinating one, the Georgite one, actually.
And so, it includes, among other elements: lying the nation into war, destroying Constitutional Democracy and creating a “Unitary Executive” Dictatorship, ever-growing tax cuts for the super-rich along with ever-growing Federal deficits, a foreign-military policy run by the oil industry, perpetuation of the global warming crisis, and of much interest in this particular circumstance, using organized and promoted homophobia for political purposes.

Why do Georgite gays do this? Well, the word “self-hating” does come to mind. But the matter goes well beyond that. For it tells us that for many people, political and economic values trump sexual identity every time. So when Do-Ro-Fa rail away about the “homosexual agenda,” let us be very conscious of what it is, at least with the Republican/Georgites in power.And while we are on the subject of the gay leadership of the Republican Party, it really does set the record straight (if I may use that term) on the true nature of homosexuality. Do-Ro-Fa, it really is quite obviously a matter of genes, not choice. If it were the latter, don’t you think that all of those gays who so happily find themselves embedded in the Party of Homophobia for political reasons, for economic reasons, or especially for reasons of self-hate, would change their sexual identity just like that?

 Steven Jonas, MD, MPH is a Professor of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University (NY) a weekly Contributing Author for The Political Junkies ( and a Columnist for BuzzFlash.  

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