FOX LIES: Hannity and Colmes, Miller Time! for Hypocrisy

Andrew Bosworth, PhD
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2006-10-02On Thursday night, September 28, 2006, the Fox News show Hannity and Colmes, Sean Hannity replayed Oliver Stone’s comment that President Bush had set the United States “back 10 years.” Hannity then berated people “from Hollywood,” such as “actors” and “producers,” for weighing in on political matters.

A few minutes later, Sean Hannity proclaimed the arrival of “Miller Time” – the Fox News knock-off of The Daily Show’s “Back in Black” with Lewis Black. But Dennis Miller is not a politician, journalist, academic or anyone else connected to politics in the kind of way Hannity suggested was is appropriate. No. Dennis Miller is just a comedian. Miller made his living telling jokes on television and in movies – until, that is, he became a tool for the Republican propaganda machine.

The actor-turned-pundit presented a segment called “Real Free Speech.” In this Orwellian session of Two Minutes Hate, Miller could not resist employing the Rovian smear strategy of guilt by association.

Iranian’s president Ahmadinejad (whose name Miller badly mispronounced) wants Israel wiped off the map. Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, has close relations with Ahmadinejad. And Hollywood actor Danny Glover gave Hugo Chavez the high-five at some function in Harlem. The final step which Miller took, was to link actor Danny Glover to co-star Mel Gibson (who, like president Ahmadinejad, is accused of anti-Semitism).

It should be pointed out that Miller never jokes about Bush’s hand-holding, check-kissing relationship with a man who routinely orders the beheading of women for adultery, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.

Next, Dennis Miller advises that the only way to deal with President Chavez, whom he called a “buffoon,” is to employ his time-tested schoolyard tactic: to walk away from a bully but then turn around and plant one in his “nads.”

Of course, Miller forgets that the Bush administration already tried to hit Chavez below the belt. It encouraged the 2002 coup d’etat against Chavez and applauded the usurper, Pedro “dictator-for-a-day” Carmono. And Washington still funds the opposition, in violation of the US Ambassador to Venezuela’s stated policy and Venezuelan law.

If the applause Chavez received at the United Nations meant anything it meant that one of Dennis Miller’s idols, George Bush, is more typically viewed as the schoolyard bully.

“It’s Miller Time.” Indeed. For bar-stool opinions, tune in to Hannity and Colmes.

Andrew Bosworth, PhD

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  1. I don’t claim to say that Chavez is a great guy or anything, but i fealt the same way when John Stewart berated him and everyone that has met him…John Stewart did it 2 days in a row and Bill Maher said the same type of stuff on his show too. I hate to say it, but they’re playing into the theories that they are a part of the coverup. Notice how the only people close to addressing the truth are comedians, so they immediately have no credibility.

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