Blown Gaskets and “Tola Tari Tal Tarians”

By W. David Jenkins III

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” Franklin D. Roosevelt Jan. 1933

“It’s a dangerous world…Time is running out….The enemy wants to attack us again.” – George W. Bush 9/15/06

“This war will be difficult, this war will be long, and this war will end in the defeat of the terrorists and the tola tari tari to tal tarians –( totalitarians), and a victory for the cause of freedom and liberty.”– Bush in Salt Lake City 8/31/06

I think Bush is scared out of what’s left of his mind. I hear the pundits going on about how assertive and forceful the President is in this last push to make his case to the American people regarding the Geneva Convention, but all I see is a law breaker who is desperate to change the laws that he broke. Time is running out all right, but the ticking clock is more of a threat to Bush and his minions. They have become so disassociated from reality that they are incapable of recognizing how irrational they come across to others.

This country and the rest of the world are witnessing a President and a Vice President lobbying Congress to legalize torture – plain and simple and despicable. Their actions are not based on any altruistic goal to protect the people of this country from terrorists, but represent an attempt to legalize what has been illegal for almost sixty years. They broke international laws and they know it and now they need to have those laws “amended” – retroactively mind you – or they could face big trouble.

One of the obvious ways in which Bush goes about this is by transferring his own fears onto the public in the form of a “renewed interest” in the dangers of terrorism. For the past three to four years, this Administration has given little more than lip service to the likes of bin Laden and his followers. In late 2002, a little over a year after 9/11, Bush remarked that he “really didn’t think about him [bin Laden] that much.”

Now, with a midterm election drawing near and the distinct possibility that Republicans could lose at least one of the two legislative branches in Congress, Bush and his cabinet members are having psychological breakdowns in front of the TV cameras. Bush has become a cross between Chicken Little and that guy on the street corner who wears one of those “The End is Near” signs. His speech pattern has become more disconnected (see above) and his obvious irritability when he is confronted is quite clear – as we all saw that Friday (9/15/06) in the Rose Garden.

Bush continues to rattle on about the CIA and the military needing “clarity” when it comes to Article 3 of the Geneva Convention in order to pursue what he calls “the program,” which is his code word for torture. Well sorry, George, but that’s a crock. CIA and military personnel are well aware of the meaning of Article 3. They have been for decades and don’t require any “clarity.” You on the other hand……….

This is just more of the same crap Bush pulls when he gets backed into a corner. In a pathetic attempt to protect himself and his reprehensible actions, Bush surrounds himself with people who are not culpable. For instance, let’s go back to September 15 in the Rose Garden.

Q: Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, former Secretary of State Colin Powell says the world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism. If a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former Secretary of State feels this way, don’t you think that Americans and the rest of the world are beginning to wonder whether you’re following a flawed strategy?

BUSH: If there’s any comparison between the compassion and decency of the American people and the terrorist tactics of extremists, it’s flawed logic. I simply can’t accept that. It’s unacceptable to think that there’s any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the action of Islamic extremists who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective.

This is classic Bush. The reporter asks Bush if he thinks he is following a flawed strategy in light of the fact that his former Secretary of State questions his policies of torture. Bush, in turn, surrounds himself with “the American people” in his response, chastising anyone who would compare the “compassion and decency of the American people and the terrorist tactics of extremists.” Somebody needs to tell George that the American people have nothing to do with his flawed strategy of torture. Bush is the one debasing America’s reputation and moral standing, not the American people.

The same goes for his “reasoning” for wanting to “clarify” Article 3 in order to protect those on the front line in the war on terror. He is not out to protect the CIA or military personnel, he is trying to protect himself and his circle of bumblers for allowing and encouraging torture and acts of degradation against terrorist suspects – some who were later found to be innocent of any offense. The fact remains that Bush is scared to death that for the first time in his pathetic life, he might have to assume responsibility for his actions. And even worse, his party faithful are screwing things up badly enough that all the Diebold voting machines in America may not work for him this time.

Senate incumbents George Allen and Rick Santorum are behaving like complete fools on the campaign trail while McCain, Graham and Warner are taking the heat off Democrats in the fight to preserve what’s left of America’s reputation. Republican Bob Ney is off to jail for his transgressions in the Abramhoff fiasco– and we can only hope Lady Justice will see fit to allow Tom DeLay to be his bunk buddy. Meanwhile, “Sure Shot” Cheney is out raising campaign funds for a fellow shotgun fan, Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-NY) – of course Kuhl had confused his ex-wife with a pheasant back in 1994 (Yup, he pulled a gun on her – twice). Most Democrats in heated races are ahead of the Republicans, who are trying to find a way to distance themselves from the losers in the White House while not contributing to Bush Co.’s obvious rage at the real “awakening” that’s taking place across the country. Things are simply not looking good for our petulant child who calls himself the President.

When America faced an actual World War, Roosevelt told this country that we had nothing to fear except our own apprehension. Now we are faced with a fraudulent war on an ideology– a war designed to stuff the pockets of the likes of KBR, The Carlyle Group, Blackstone, Halliburton and a host of others. We are involved in a botched and bloody invasion of another nation– an invasion that is based upon nothing but lies. Sadly, it is likely that none of this would have happened without the horrific attack on our own soil. Sadder still is the fact that all warnings of a pending 9/11 were ignored and then subsequently hidden away from any investigation.

And, while Bush was stoking our fears and lying to our faces, he was also scooping up people, some guilty and some innocent, and torturing them in our name. He may not have known it was wrong then, but he knows now. And he knows time is running out. And he’s scared out of his mind that he will be another “tola tari tari to tal tarian” who won’t get away with his crimes.

We can only hope.

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  1. I look forward to Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the US Government being brought to justice for their lies, terrorism, and tyranny.

  2. Bush, Cheney & Co. can’t be fitted for orange jumpsuits, or start serving life terms in a modern version of Spandau Prison, soon enough.

  3. Mr. Jenkins is correct in his assessment of Bu$h and Co. but there is one thing I fear he could be missing.

    A cornered rat will stand and fight savagely just as a cornered cat will. I, along with a lot of other posters at CHB are coming to the fearful conclusion that either before the November mid term elections, and most certainly before the 2008 elections, that Bu$h and Co. will make sure that some kind of shock and awe event happens( 9-11 all over again or worse) then openly declares Martial Law and makes sure that he is the Decider in Chief as America is flushed straight down the toilet.

  4. I should have added Decider in Chief permantly.

  5. There is no way this lying cheating fraud of a President would not abuse the legislation he is lobbying for to grant him the liscense to torture, detain without charges, and warrantlessly wiretap to name only three of his unAmerican crimes. Now he is calling for the very soul of our country to be lowered to the tactics of WWII Nazi’s. This demands a resounding “NO!” from Congress and the Senate in response to the true will of the people. If Bush succeeds in what he wants then we will no longer be fighting this so called war with American soldiers. Bush will have made our soldiers into monsters instead of American soldiers who like the President are also under an oath to uphold this country’s Consititution. How can our soldiers win an American war when they are not even allowed to be Americans who respect the rule of law? We win wars when we deserve to win them, and we loose them when we don’t. Lies and bigotry won’t win this war either any more then torture and extreem rendition! If Bush can’t be an American President who upholds our sacred Constitution then he is clearly unworthy to be President at all and must be impeached for at least one of the many impeachable crimes he now freely admits to being guilty of.

  6. I wrote a paper for the Journal of Psychohistory – “Is George W. Bush a Serial Killer?” It was reviewed by the Artic Beacon and is posted there.

    My conclusion? Yes!


  7. If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy
    – James Madison (US President)

  8. Evidence linking the Bush administration to 9/11 will eventually surface. We’re in for some tumultuous times.

  9. “It’s unacceptable to think that there’s any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the action of Islamic extremists who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective.”

    This, from one of the main people who planned, and conspired to carry out, 911—all the while intending to falsely blame the crime on Muslims. He’s continuing that part of the crime to this day.

  10. The vichy government the voting machines placed in evangelical temples (god works in wonderous ways) elected is borrowing (in our name) 2 billion dollars a week and funneling it into the pockets of “friends of the family”. Why are the US and Israel the only countries building fences – because our credit card is paying for it.

    And when it collapses, and it is, the banks will all get their principal back (plus closings and interest returned – thier butchers fee). We, the US tax payer also cover (guarantee) the principal.

    The bankers and the bomb makers and the dark op software shops – they been paid and we owe for it.

    If all the reasons for invading Iraq are false, why is Saddam on trial? We can’t call that first murdered Iraqi collateral damage – that term only applies in a so called legitimate war. Every dead Iraqi is a murder folks – about time we get used to it.

    Anybody that made money from this venture needs to forefiet everything and face criminal procedings.

    Because of them, we owe the world, 147 Trillion dollars (not counting war raparitions and principal guarantees).

    We in a big bucket of doodie.

    911 was an inside job to extort and our Treasury of trillions of dollars and defraud consumers of trillions more for war inflated energy priced 3 to 4 times fair value.

    I want foreclosures, seizures and the branches bending on the tree outside of town.

  11. America will leave Iraq , like she left Vietnam…Today we have normal relations with that government. The same will happen in Iraq.

    Bush will never be punished for his crimes and our once proud country will continue to go down the drain.

    Electronic voting machines have
    sealed our fate.


  12. Its saddening to see that so many Americans obviously feel this way, but that body of opinion isn’t reflected in MSM coverage of American life. Its no surprise the world thinks Bush still has the support of the American people. If I din’t follow sites like this I wouldn’t know there was any domestic opposition to Bush at all.

  13. Did you see Bush on 9-11?. it made me sick. we all know 9-11 was an inside job. Bush and his war mongering buddies need to be put up on a war trial for perjury and lying. Let the American people see the real truth. His “fear politics”, isnt working no more. So where is Bin Laden??? We know if he’s ever found, no more War on Terror.

  14. Liked your article but I’m starting to get annoyed with all the “Bush” this and “Bush” that. Forget about Bush. You talk about his “minions” but he IS a minion. He’s just the front guy. I hope people will begin talking about Them, whose minion he is, not just him.

  15. how many states have diebold machines ? do any diebold machines have to leave a honest paper trail that could prove the machine was rigging the votes?

  16. I agree that America will have to leave Iraq like Vietnam…

  17. Let’s remember the list of crimes by the US gov’t:
    Violating the 1st Amendment by caging peaceful protestors and banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon and Wikipedia (who admitted it);
    Violating the 2nd Amendment by confiscating arms from Katrina victims;
    Violating the 4th Amendment by conducting illegal wire-taps;
    Violating the 5th Amendment by suspending habeus corpus;
    Violating the 8th Amendment by torture;
    Violating the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and a false-flag operation known as 9/11.
    Treason is the cure for this Dictator.
    Support indy media.
    Final link (before Google Books caves and drops the title):

  18. I don’t know where the polls are coming from that say Bush has the support he does, but I’m sure they have no reflection in reality. I smell a rat

  19. DEar Carol I think the best way to rid America of George Bush is to rally professors, lawyers, clergymen and the like to march on Washington and declare they are terrorists. They, the govt, will have to arrest one and all. This is not my idea it belongs to a blogger. Please realise you have the power to do something.

    Like Martin Luther King Jr and Russell Mean of the American Indian movement. You and me can do something.

    Start a movement get people involved. God Bless You All

  20. Neocons are bad enough and I hope they are prosecuted. But what about all those in congress and the media who attempted to cover for the crimes of 911? Who sit and do nothing while Bush destroys the USA? If we win this – our nation back – citizens should attempt to bring charges in the world court against these characters. They committed treason to ignore 911 evidence and allow torture to continue.

  21. what are you people thinking. this is a holy war. Stop complaining about bush this bush that. this is the extremists vs the christians. get your head out of you a@# and see the real picture. these people won’t stop until the christians are killed off. go and get your bible and read that this has been happening since the begining. and take the koran and see what it says. but the extremist take their believes to the T. Bush is getting the work done for the people of the middle east..

  22. Dale: Many of the people tortured have later been released without charge. Torturing innocent life. Is this what Jesus would do?

    The muslims are human beings just like you and me. Funny that I see the christian right so anxious to kill them. I can hear the words now: “I never knew you”

    something to think about

  23. Ok you say Muslims are people true that. but ok let me ask you this do you see Christians blowing up churches. do you see jews blowing up churches. do you see Buddhists blowing up churches. really you think that this is just a view of americans really and what to say to the innocent people that are killed cause they don’t have the same religion. in their place of worship seriously. not all these Islamic people are like this. extremist are the ones. and if you are involved with these people and harbor this people then you should be tortured for information. would you want to die in your church. and what do they do to people the cut their heads off with a dull knife. and put this on online. do you see americas doing this. and what about the police in iraq their bodys dumped in roads cut up. blowen up while trying to protect the people of their country. so who is really the bad person really. think about it. GW and all the other countries are trying to make the world a better place. take a look at this web site. look at the beheadings and look into the eyes of them people with a knife to the throat. and would u want to be that person. and see these extremist killing kids and praising their god while doing it. wow them extremist are not so bad… take off the blind fold and see the world that you are in.

  24. Eventually the peons, the little people, in our contry will rise up and a new governmnt will come into power and when the dust settles everything will go back to normal.
    We have no friends in Washington now and after the storm we still won’t have any friends in Washington.

    Until we, that is everyone on this planet, learn to love our neighbors we don’t stand a chance.

    Our anger is misdirected..who really benefits from these act of distruction. As always, it’s the banksters. We’ve got to learn to love those misguided fools too.

    In his youth, bush, couldn’t get his sh*t together to even show up.
    I thought I had mine together and volunteered to be a sniper in Vietnam. We were both idiots. I grew up; bush never did. I was an idiot with one rifle. I wasn’t able to do much damage in the overall sceme of things. On the other hand, bush, has a whole army to play with and he’s still an idiot. This clown couldn’t get his act together thirty some years ago and he still can’t. We are in big trouble.

    By the way, I must keep it fair and balanced: Clinton wasn’t much better, just smarter. He spent his time f*cking his way across Europe, while george was hiding and I was trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

    Loving these guys is not easy.

  25. Dale

    You asked, “… do you see Christians blowing up churches”.

    Well most American GIs are Christians. They’re blowing up churches in Iraq every day – Dubby wants them to blow up churces in Iran.

    I think to be a Christian does not mean, “they have eyes yet cannot see.” A follower in blind faith of a false prophet, like Pat Robertson, who implores a government to “assasinate” world leaders, is not a follower, but rather an ignorant criminal.

    Everyone inside the beltway has admitted that all the reasons for invading Iraq were false. That means, DALe, that every death in Iraq (coalition and any Iraqi) is a “wrongful death”, a murder. That’s war crimes unless your pounding a bible different from the one I read.

    Shouldn’t you be out there reconoitering abortion clinics or trying to convert republican homosexual California Congressman, David Drier, into a heterosexual!

    (google it between tongue chants)

    Ignorance and believing the words and deeds of false prophets will not be grounds for Peter to forgive you of your sins. You argue as an accomplice to murder and war crimes.

    Is that what Jesus would do?

  26. This is a long comment. First a definition which seems to be ignored by a vast majority of people: “neocons” is the wrong term. The precise term for this band a abominable criminals who have seized control of the US, the media (all of it), the treasury,the justice department and the political proces is “Jew”. All of them are Jews. Just like Nixon said. Secondly, to effectuate any change at all within the system which is the most corrupt and fraudulent in the entire history of the US (and possibly that of the world)is NOT to elect Democrats (new faces or not), but to flush down the toilet of history ALL of them – democrats and republicans alike. The system needs to be totally changed. The present form of government we have is not constitutional. It has been penetrated and monopolized by the jewish element. Had it been constitutional and opperated constitutionally we would never have had this political disaster which will definitely end up in a major civil armed conflict which will make Civil War a joke by contrast. The laws and policies of the US need to be overturned all the way back to the year 1900 or even earlier. It is not a an exageration to say that 90% or more of the laws (case laws included) are unconstitutional. A New Third Party is badly needed. After such new Third Party gets in the White House and in all other branches of government can we expect a truly Constitutional America worthy of envy all over the world. Right now the world at large has nothing but total and unique contempt for America – thanks to this cretin in the White House and the Jews surrounding him, a practice they engaged in with all politicians since the turn of the 19th century – a direct and INEVITABLE result of the massive jewish immigration to America and their monopolizing all of the media and entertainment industry. If America is to function in a constitutional manner, all these jews (deceptively called “neocons” to hide their real loyalty) need to be kicked out of every government institution and media and forever prohibited from such positions. America has become totally jewish in its policies, laws and demenor. It is no longer distinguishable from Israel. This is why the Founders expressed concern about the jewish element and wanted to set barriers around them so that they will never get what they wanted most: the Treasury of the US (now the FED), the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court. If they got these, they got America by the balls. And they did. AIPAC, JINSA, ADL, JDL and other clandestine organizations whose names are cleverly hidden under different non-jewish names. Anyone holding a JD or any title of nobility should be prohibited from serving in government, and they indeed were, by virtue of the real XIII amendment. The problems America is facing are due to the systemic and entrenched criminality which owes its own existence to the massive and uparalleled corruption and treason present just about everywhere. Democrats in the White House? You’ve got to be kidding!!! We had one for 8 years, one who debated what the meaning of “is” is, and who after having been a draft dodger when it came to fighting for his own country, arrogantly and hypocritically said that if Israel was in danger he will immediatelly “grab a rifle,go to Israel and fight in the trenches”. This is typical bullshit coming from someone totally bought off, under jewish control and on jewish payroll, without a conscience, without any sense of pride and whose patriotism had been totally compromised assuming he had any, but this turncoat who evaded serving his own country never had any and neither had his wife who is selling the entire nation to the jewish interests. The fight in the world today is not because of Islam or Christianity, but because of the jews. They foment every war that gets started. They control the public opinion, the money and its value and the political process. Everyone in Congress except two of them, should be dumped in the trash bin of history and replaced with memebers of a Third Party who will dismantle this criminal jewish cartel who has hijacked and corrupted everything under the sky. The first item on the reform agenda will be the dismantling of the FED, its board of governors arrested and charged with conspiracy,fraud, theft and bribery and the FED Act of 1913 repealed. After the smell of money is gone, our representatives in Congress will be more receptive to the needs of America and not Israel. Anybody reseraching the annals of history will realize how pernicious the jewish element was to the host nation where they settled. The culture and civilization rapidly decayed and died. The dual loyalty has always been the defining factor in the perversion and subsequent demise of other cultures and nations. Unless this problem is addressed and unless safeguards are taken against this predatory jewish practices nothing will ever be achieved. America will continue to put one bandaid over another, but the internal bleeding will continue unless jewish interests are barred by law from exercising any influence on our elected memebers of Congress. And this law will never come out of a totally jewish-owned Congress. Time for a new Super Party has arrived. No more democrats or republicans. Both parties have betrayed America just as both parties are financed by the same jewish interests. A country of barely 5 million people controls one of 300 million…This is totally disgusting. Shame on America for having allowed this usurpation.

  27. As the president of Iran said at his news conference yesterday, “Zionists are not Jews. They are Zionists, period.”

    The media is owned by the War and Oil Bankers. Trace the lives of Robert Kimmit, boss at Time Warner when the “chosen” one unstrapped the drool cup, and came on camera in our house and lied about Yellow Cake and WMD’s. Kimmit assured AIPAC ex, Wolf Blitzer, and CIA trained Anderson Cooper were there to balast the screeds and assure a never ending flow of our treasure into the tills of the War Bankers, to assure a cosmetically correct dunce, a Dunce that signed execution orders for almost 200 people, would be at the pulpit giving our national ignorance something to hang it’s hat on.

    Follow Robert Kimmit, the Nuveau Goebbles at Time Warner, follow his brother, General Kimmit, boss at Abu Gharib, the henchman of Falujha, the sign-off guy for Israeli advisors showing our boys and girls IDF hazing techniques in Gaza. Follow the Kimmit brothers back in time to when the father, Colonel Kimmit, advised Carter that a commando raid would better serve America than negotiations when Iran finally ousted the puppet Shah that our CIA illegally installed. Follow the trail. He set the stage for Reagan, the great narcoleptic, and assured our treasury would be looted through the fraud and extortion of a third world war.

    We have no government. We have employees that execute the proxies of the war and commodity bankers with the the tired old tribble – this is the American way. THe descendants of Holocaust Survivors can do no wrong. If you claim otherwise – you will be fired or arrested.

    NBC is not media NBC is a schill for General Electric. General Electraic manufactures those turbines that power them Aegis class destroyers and Aircraft Carriers we buy to fight skinny brown people who are armed with nothing more than stons and their freedom. The same general electric that manufactures those gatling guns that fire them DU rounds.

    Anybody care to guess what a 20mm GE DU slug fired from a GE gatling gun costs the taxpayer. Those things are fired at the rate of 2000/minute in Iraq at cost plus billing.

    Though I somewhat agree with John Micheal, that the criminals inside our government are mostly Jews, I disagree that they are “really” Jews. A Klanner calling himself a Baptist is not a Baptist – he is a KKK. A murderer or war criminal calling himself a Jew is not a Jew, he only uses that for cover – the Holocaust and Settlement Industries make sure plenty of tears will fall for the the camera to assure that cover. That self-nameing Jew is not a Jew – he is a criminal.

    Chavez showed us that freedom is not dead. The President of Iran shows us that human dignity is still alive.

    Now – what are we as Americans going to show the world – our neigbors. Will we continue to demonstrate the dumb downed ignorance of the Wal Mart elite? We’re just as human and hard working as other cultures. We need, as Jean Micheal suggest, to flush all the Rats out of DC.

    I am trying to pick his two Congressmen – I am guessing Ron Paul and Cynthia MckInney. It can’t be Jews are all weak or criminal – look at the Senator Paul Wellstone this vichy government “Ron Browned” – one of the most courageous and honerable men to serve. Welstone represented what I was taught a Jew is (wise, just and hard working). I don’t see anyone in congress – either Jewish or having Jewish support that meets the Welstone criterea. That’s because they’re not Jews – their criminals – gangsters.

    AIPAC is not an Israeli Lobby – AIPAC is a War Banker Lobby. AIPAC cares as much about Israelis and Jews and is does for Palestinianians. AIPAC does not care.

    Jean Micheal is correct. Look at Woodrow Wilson, Judge Brandies and the Balfour Delcalration. We live in the result of the WZO’s Balfour Declaration. Zionists are not Jews. They are Zionists. They are racists. They are criminals. They are murderers. They are the descendants of a cowardly group of Ashkenazi converts in 784 AD who sought the protection by taking cover from a Religion, Judaism, they had no claim to. They have no claim to Abraham, David. They’ve adopted a dark age racist myhtology – “we are the only chosen people”.

    And we, the dumb downed Wal Mart elite of the US of A, eat it up.

    Our ignorance is our enemy. Or complacency isour enemy. If you are blogging – for every comment you make, send ten to the US congress, to the sponsors of CNN , FOX and MSNBC.

    Share the word – but don’t waste your time preaching to the choir. The enemy is obvious – he is on TW Cable. He is on the ballot in your district. Let them know you know who the “real” enemy is.

    Our ancestors had a motto: “Don’t tread on me”. Blow the cholesterol out of your clogged systems and pay the debt you owe your ancestors.

    That is our only salvation.

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